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Thursday, Jan 28 2016

Trump Isn't In The Room — But These Guys Are Still Feeding Off His Anti-Muslim Policies

Jan 28, 2016

Congratulations to Senate candidate Rand Paul for somehow getting on stage for tonight’s GOP presidential debate. Sadly, neither he, nor anyone else, will do or say anything denouncing absent-but-not-forgotten Donald Trump’s bigoted and xenophobic policies and rhetoric.

Here’s why: Each and every candidate on stage agrees with Trump and loves the Trump-cultivated fear and mass-xenophobia that’s saturated the GOP base.

Fact: 59% of Republicans back Trump’s contemptible and un-American proposal to ban all Muslims entering the U.S. Here’s another: Not one candidate on stage has meaningfully criticized Trump’s plan — and Ted Cruz even voted against a measure to formally condemn it.

That’s because Cruz, Rubio, and the rest’s own views are in line with Trump’s. Here are some of the Party of Trump candidates’ xenophobic policies and rhetoric that rival Trump’s own:


Published: Jan 28, 2016

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