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Wednesday, Sep 14 2016

Trump Invested In And Profited Off Of Ford, Other Outsourcing Companies

Sep 14, 2016

Donald Trump just unloaded another unhinged and hypocritical rant on outsourcing.

While Trump has invested in and profited off of companies including Ford that send American jobs to other countries, one of his favorite campaign rallying points is attacking those same companies.  The truth is Trump doesn’t care about American workers or outsourcing companies – if he did, he wouldn’t make his own clothing line overseas.

Trump is running a campaign around his business record, but that record is a sham. He’s made his money by ripping off hard working families, single mothers, small businesses, and even veterans. He’s invested in corporations that cut corners and send jobs to foreign countries to save a buck. Both he and his running mate, Mike Pence, were against the auto bailout that saved millions of jobs and helped revitalize the American economy.

Trump has always put his business interests ahead of doing what’s right for working families. Even with his hot rhetoric on the campaign trail, the 70 year old man-child isn’t going to stop his selfish and un-American ways since they help pad his pockets.

Published: Sep 14, 2016

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