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News Tuesday, Jun 13 2017

The Trump Economy: 1,952-And-Counting Announced Wisconsin Layoffs

Jun 13, 2017

Lifelong outsourcer Donald Trump is today heading to Wisconsin to talk about “workforce development” and campaign with Scott Walker, who’s handed out millions in taxpayer-funded economic development incentives to firms that went on to outsource jobs.

Beyond their shared commitment to outsourcing and rewarding outsourcers (see also: Vice President Mike Pence), Trump and Walker both espouse hardline anti-worker rhetoric and champion policies that harm working families. Trump has expressed support for right to work for less laws and bragged that he “fight[s] the unions very hard,” and some of his earliest executive actions have repealed anti-wage theft regulations and ended workplace protections, among other things. And Walker has, for his part, similarly championed a hardline anti-worker and anti-union agenda in Wisconsin, bringing heated rhetoric to match his fierce commitment to policies that attack working families.

As the self-proclaimed “greatest jobs president that God ever created” heads to the Badger State, here’s an updated look at the Trump Economy:

  • 1,952 announced layoffs in Wisconsin;
  • 112,941 announced layoffs nationally;
  • 16,148 jobs reported as having been affected by foreign trade, nationally; and
  • 140-plus days in, zero comprehensive Trump jobs bill or infrastructure plan.

“Trump continues to sell out American workers, forcing through an agenda that hurts working families, while balking at the opportunity to promote policies that will save and create good-paying American jobs,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “It’s no surprise that Trump is cozying up to one of the most anti-worker governors in the country: teaming up with Walker is just Trump’s latest betrayal of America’s working people.”

The latest Wisconsin layoffs under Trump and Walker:

Trump-Walker Wisconsin Layoffs

VF Corp. Planned To Lay Off 380 Employees After Receiving $248,735 In Tax Credits From The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, “Wisconsin’s oft-criticized economic development agency is taking heat again after a company that received hundreds of thousands of dollars in state tax breaks announced substantial layoffs this week. VF Corp. says that starting in June, 380 employees will lose their jobs at its Fox Valley facility that makes collegiate apparel under the JanSport brand. The North Carolina-based company received $248,735 in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and was eligible for up to $880,500.” [Wisconsin Public Radio, 4/5/17] (WARN: 4/4/17)

Babcock And Wilcox Universal Planned To Suspend Manufacturing Operations At Its Plant In Beloit, WI, Laying Off 55 People. According to WFIR, “Babcock and Wilcox Universal plans to suspend manufacturing operations at its Beloit plant by June 4. In addition to 55 people being laid off, seven employees will be transferred to other company locations. The company says it was a difficult decision, but it made the decision to deal with overcapacity and to remain competitive.” [WFIR, 4/5/17] (WARN: 4/5/17)

Broadwind Energy Planned To Lay Off Workers In Manitowoc, WI. According to WBAY, “Broadwind Energy has announced it is laying off workers at Broadwind Towers in Manitowoc. The company’s corporate communications director could not comment on the number of workers impacted by the decision. Joni Konstantelos did say that Broadwind eliminated two weekend shifts. ‘The layoff has nothing to do with the quality and dedication of our team. Unfortunately it is the result of what we believe to be a temporary pause in the market and orders in the Midwest,’ Konstantelos said in a statement to Action 2 News. Broadwind Energy makes wind towers, gears and replacement parts for clean tech, energy, and infrastructure markets.” [WBAY, 4/24/17] (awaiting WARN)

  • Broadwind Energy Told Employees They Were Laid Off Via A Letter In The Mail During A One Week Shutdown. According to the Herald Times Reporter, “Less than 25 percent of the workforce at Broadwind Energy in Manitowoc was affected by a recent string of layoffs, according to compoany spokesman Joni Konstantelos. ‘This has nothing to do with the talent and the dedication of our team, but more to do with what we believe is a temporary downshift in the need for wind towers, particularly in the Midwest,’ she said. According to Konstantelos, Broadwind eliminated two weekend shifts to accommodate the decrease in business. One employee affected by the layoffs, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said they were given notice of the layoff through a letter in the mail during a one-week shutdown for maintenance purposes. The former employee said they were already looking for a different job to support their family and had already scheduled an interview with another local manufacturer.” [Herald Times Reporter, 4/28/17]

ADSEA Planned To Lay Off 58 Employees. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, “A vehicle auction service will shutter its Portage location and lay off all of its 58 employees there, according to a notice sent Monday to the state Department of Workforce Development. Most of ADESA’s employees in Portage will lose their jobs on Aug. 1, but a few may be kept on longer to finish shutting down the facility, according to the letter. None of the employees at the location, W 10415 Highway 33, are represented by a union, the letter said. The company, which provides auction, reconditioning and wholesale service to used car dealers and other businesses, employs close to 11,000 people across the United States, Mexico and Canada, according to its website. ADESA is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.” [Wisconsin State Journal, 6/5/17]

Published: Jun 13, 2017

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