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News Wednesday, Jan 11 2017

Trump Doesn't Deny He Communicated With Kremlin

Jan 11, 2017

Three important takeaways on Russia from Donald Trump’s press conference:

1. What does Trump know about his staff coordinating with the Russians that he isn’t telling us? 

Trump didn’t deny that he or members of his staff communicated with Russia either during the campaign or leading up to the campaign.

2. Trump admitted he was given specific information from U.S. intelligence agencies about Russia’s “compromising” material.
Trump said “I saw the information, I read the information” when asked if U.S. intelligence had given him information that showed Russian agents have “compromising” material that could be used to blackmail him.

3. Trump didn’t categorically agree that Russia was behind the election-related hacks.
Once again, Trump couched his admission that “I think it was Russia” that hacked DNC and other election-related hacks with a blanket statement that other countries like China also hack material.

Statement from Jessica Mackler, American Bridge President:
“Today Donald Trump confirmed that the American people have multiple reasons to worry their national security will be compromised by a Trump presidency. The massive and unprecedented conflicts of interest that will allow foreign governments to attempt to bribe Trump will remain in place, as will the potential for Russia to blackmail Trump with incriminating information. To say Trump’s actions are reckless and incredibly dangerous would be a gross understatement.” 

Published: Jan 11, 2017

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