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News Thursday, Jul 7 2016

Toomey Stands By Trump Amid Praise For Dictators And Anti-Semitism Allegations

Jul 07, 2016

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Senator Pat Toomey today took time out of skipping 80% of Senate Budget Committee hearings to meet with Donald Trump, ostensibly to give Trump moral support amid criticism that Trump’s faced for defending his use of white supremacist-created imagery and repeatedly praising Saddam Hussein.

Yesterday, Toomey snapped at a reporter who asked whether he’d attend the meeting, claiming, “I just SAID I don’t know what I have on my schedule.”

All signs point to Toomey having looked at his schedule since, and learning that a meeting with Trump was, in fact, on his calendar.

It’s nice to see Toomey being openly supportive of Trump — if only Trump knew sooner that all it would take to win Toomey over is dictator adoration with a side of anti-Semitism.

Published: Jul 7, 2016

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