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News Thursday, Jan 14 2016

To Bigotry, Or Not To Be: GOP Field Feeds On Trump's Anti-Muslim Policies

Jan 14, 2016

Fear has become the Republican Party’s life-force. Front-runner Donald Trump brought the 2016 nomination contest to a new low with his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country. But rather than meaningfully criticize Trump for his discriminatory policies and xenophobic rhetoric, every GOP candidate has mimicked his anti-Muslim proposals and remained committed to support him as the party’s nominee.

Cruz, Rubio, and the rest are following Trump’s lead because the party’s base is with him: 59% of Republicans back Trump’s proposed ban. The rest of the field need fear-mongering rhetoric and discriminatory policies of their own to stay in contention, so they’re doing their best Trump impressions — campaigning on discriminatory rhetoric and policies that go against the very foundation America was built on:


Published: Jan 14, 2016

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