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Tuesday, Aug 16 2016

The Ronald and The Donald: A Love Story

Aug 16, 2016

Donald Trump is holding rallies and fundraisers across Wisconsin today — the home of one of his staunchest supporters, Senator Ron Johnson. From the beginning, Johnson has said time and time again that he backs Donald Trump. 

From supporting the nominee, to working behind the scenes to hold the Supreme Court vacancy open for a Trump appointment, to jumping at the chance to “stump with Trump,” Johnson’s ethusiasm for Trump has been steadfast: 

“Doing nothing is also an action”

Staying true to what seems to be the motto of the do-nothing GOP Congress, Johnson offered this as an explanation for why he was set on holding the Supreme Court vacancy open. In one of his early expressions of support for Trump, Johnson was working behind the scenes to block a Supreme Court nominee and hold the seat open for Trump’s nominee.

Ron Johnson: I have “no problem” supporting the nominee 

Back in March, Johnson was clear on his support for Donald Trump. Johnson told a Wisconsin radio station that he’d support the Republican nominee even if Trump won the nomination.

“The Ronald and The Donald”

By late March, Johnson was all aboard the Trump train. While other vulnerable GOP senators raced to distance themselves from the xenophobic, sexist, bombastic nominee, Johnson eagerly jumped at the suggestion that the two might campaign together in the general election. Johnson even had a name ready for the show: The Ronald and the Donald.

Fundraising for Trump

And today, Johnson is listed as an “honorary host” of Trump’s fundraisers in both La Crosse and Milwaukee. Although Johnson may not be there in person today, he’s made one thing crystal clear: he stands with Donald Trump.


Published: Aug 16, 2016

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