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News Friday, Jul 14 2017

Taxpayer Dollars Are Going, Going, GONE on Trump's Vacations

Jul 14, 2017

Rather than sticking around in Europe for longer than 27 hours so he can begin to rebuild U.S. relationships with France and other vital allies, Trump is flying home to focus on building his personal brand at his New Jersey golf course. It’s his 20th weekend at a Trump property — out of only 24 weekends in his presidency.

“Donald Trump needs to stop vacationing on the taxpayers’ dime and start doing his job. If this low-energy President wants to spend all his time golfing and vacationing, he should do us all a favor and join a retirement community.” —Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson

On top of using millions of dollars from American taxpayers and the USGA to promote his properties and profit from his personal brand, Trump is facing questions on scandals and his plummeting job approval:
  • Will he see “high-quality person” Don Jr. for the first time since Junior publicly admitted to colluding with the Russian government?
  • How much will Trump’s latest Bedminster bash cost to New Jersey and federal taxpayers?
  • How much is the USGA funneling into Trump’s personal bank account?
  • What did Trump know about his son, son-in-law, and campaign manager meeting with Russian government officials in exchange for damaging information about his opponent?
  • When will Trump release an infrastructure plan to create jobs, instead of constantly going on vacation?

Published: Jul 14, 2017

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