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News Wednesday, Sep 21 2016

"Stop-and-frisk": Trump Tells African Americans What They "Have To Lose"

Sep 21, 2016

This afternoon, Donald Trump told African American voters “what the hell [they] have to lose” if he’s elected:

“I would do stop-and-frisk. I think you have to,” Trump told Sean Hannity this afternoon, adding, “I think that could be one step you could do.”

Trump again proved that he’s unaware of the current climate between the African American community and law enforcement and has on multiple occasions endorsed racial and religious profiling during the course of his nativist presidential campaign.

That’s nothing new. But this is seemingly the first instance of Trump calling for racist and unconstitutional — at least in the case of the New York discriminatory program Trump cites as a model — targeting of African Americans.

This is just the latest chapter in Donald Trump’s long racist history of discriminating against African Americans — first in housing, denying African Americans’ rental applications, now calling for open profiling of African Americans across the country.

It turns out that African Americans have a lot to lose under a Trump Administration.

Published: Sep 21, 2016

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