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News Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Statement from American Bridge 21st Century Vice President Eddie Vale on Trump's Admiration for Vladimir Putin

Sep 07, 2016

At tonight’s NBC Commander in Chief forum, Donald Trump has ONCE AGAIN expressed his support for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. His overt admiration for Putin’s reckless leadership is disqualifying, to say the least.


trump on putin_cic town hall_9.7.16
Statement from American Bridge 21st Century Vice President Eddie Vale on Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin: “Aside from his complete lack of knowledge on most important issues and his erratic temperament, Donald Trump’s explicit admiration for former KGB agent Vladimir Putin is disqualifying. To repeatedly express admiration for Putin while attacking our own military and suggesting that the Russian leader is better than the current American President is a shameful and dangerous position. Donald Trump has proven time and time again — he’s a danger to our economic and national security.”


And don’t just take it from us. Here are the main takeaways from Trump’s interview tonight:


Trump lies…


@timkmak: How do I find that emoji with the guy throwing the bench


@AaronBlake: At least Trump is honest that he’s not going to forgo any Clinton attacks


@mmurraypolitics: Trump repeats that he was against the Iraq war from the outset. That is not true.



@CandaceSmith_: Also, Trump says that he was against the Iraq War from the outset. As noted, that is not true.


Trump admires Vladimir Putin…


@morningmoneyben: Trump is FAWNING over Putin. How can this be happening?? #CommanderInChiefForum


@RosieGray: Trump on Putin: “If he says great things about me, I’m gonna say great things about him”


@DavidMDrucker: “He does have an 82% approval rating.” @realDonaldTrump on Putin, whose basically a dictator.




@CapehartJ: “He’s very much of a leader,” said Trump about Vladimir Putin. #disqualifying


@samsteinhp: Trump envies Putin’s approval rating


@CapehartJ: It’s is beyond frightening that Trump does not understand that Russia and the US have different interests in defeating ISIS.

@CahnEmily: .@realDonaldTrump points out Putin WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA has an 82% approval rating. HOLY. $#*&


@NickKristof: Whoah! Trump compliments Putin, “He’s been a leader far more than our president.” #NBCNewsForum


@TheFix: That’s Russia exchange. Wowza.


@TeddyDavisCNN: Trump on Putin: “if he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him” –> is that all it takes? Irrespective of facts?


Trump is weak on policy…


@ThePlumLineGS: Trump: My plan is to ask the generals for their plan, and then meld it with my plan, which will remain secret.


@BenjySarlin: So: Secret plan to defeat ISIS, may replace all our generals with other generals somehow, take the oil.


@aseitzwald: Trump left the plan at his Canadian girlfriend’s house.


@ZekeJMiller: So does Trump have a plan on ISIS or not?


@igorbobic: Trump: “When I do come up with a plan…I have a plan”


@igorbobic: Trump doesn’t answer question about how he’d defeat ISIS


Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about…


@BenjySarlin: Starting to think reports Trump isn’t doing debate briefings may not be smokescreen to lower expectations


@patcaldwell: I love that Matt Lauer has to keep reminding Trump not to reveal secret intelligence on TV


@joshrogin: Trump just insulted the generals and bragged about having their support in the same sentence. Amazing.


@blakehounshell: Trump says he could tell from “body language” that the intel briefers weren’t happy with Obama’s foreign policy.



@CahnEmily: Military people are screaming at their TV’s over Trump’s suggestion that you just appoint new generals w a new prez


@LeoShane: Trump says he’ll “probably have different generals” if he wins the presidency. That’s not how the military works. #CICForum


@CahnEmily: OMG @realDonaldTrump has no idea that generals are not political appointees

@ZekeJMiller: Trump dismisses generals, just hours after saying he’d rely on them to devise an anti-ISIS strategy (which he previously said he had)


@timkmak: This format is perfect for Trump. He is perfect with the 30 second word salad



Published: Sep 7, 2016

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