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News Monday, Mar 27 2017

Spicer Questions: Still Reeling Edition

Mar 27, 2017

After failing to get his own party on board with repealing the Affordable Care Act, Trump is looking hopefully to Democrats to “come to us and say let’s get together and get a great health care bill.”

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah says, “Okay, but in the meantime please answer the following questions”:

1. Can you say unequivocally that Boris Epshteyn’s departure from the White House has nothing to do with the ongoing Russia investigations?

2. Will President Trump sign the MARALAGO Act should it pass Congress? Will he comply with the spirit of the bill in the meantime and release the names of his privately-owned “Winter White House”‘s visitors and members?

3. How is President Trump going to morph into the great negotiator we were promised to pass tax reform as we keep hearing about more GOP divisions and promises of retaliation over healthcare’s defeat?

4. As Jared Kushner takes over yet another prominent executive responsibility overseeing a new SWAT team and Ivanka Trump moves into the West Wing, has the President completely shut out advisers with actual governing experience?

5. How will the President’s tax reform proposals benefit his business ventures and properties?

Published: Mar 27, 2017

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