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News Tuesday, Apr 11 2017

Spicer Questions: Day 82 Edition

Apr 11, 2017

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions: 
1. Why did President Trump discuss the Syria military operation with his son Eric when there is supposed to be a firewall between the Trump business run by his sons and the Trump White House run by his daughter and son-in-law? 
2. On a scale of 1 to Michael Flynn how tough is”Russia Order of Friendship” recipient Secretary Tillerson going to be in his meetings in Moscow tomorrow
3. Did the White House encourage Republican members of Congress to skip town halls and avoid tough questions about their plans to cut taxes for millionaires and tax health care away from 26 million people? Or are they just doing that on their own? 

4. Will Mar-A-Lago continue the long Trump property tradition of fighting local property taxes and oppose a special tax by Palm Beach County to help ease the taxpayer burden of $60,000 dollars a day to host President Trump? 
5. Why has President Trump remained silent on the school shooting in San Bernardino yesterday? 

Published: Apr 11, 2017

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