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News Tuesday, May 9 2017

Spicer Confirms: White House Recklessly Ignored Concerns of a "Compromised" Michael Flynn…

May 09, 2017

…And Backs Away From White House Talking Point Denying Collusion with Russia
During this afternoon’s briefing, Sean Spicer confirmed two bombshell revelations that should send chills down the spine of the public. In an attempt to sweep the growing controversy surrounding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn under the rug, Spicer finally confirmed that: 
1. The White House took no action once warned about Flynn being compromised. For 18 days Michael Flynn’s security access was not restricted despite the fact the White House was told by non-partisan officials at the Department of Justice told that Flynn could be compromised by Russia and subject to blackmail.
2. Spicer admitted White House talking point denying collusion with Russia was false. In a welcome rebuke of the President’s delusional rhetoric, Spicer also admitted the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper could not rule the possibility there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
In response, American Bridge spokeswoman Sabrina Singh released the following statement: 
“When it comes to our national security, this Administration is the most reckless in history.  They’re more concerned about Russia’s interests and covering up their own scandals than accountability, transparency, and protecting our country from foreign threats.  There are interns on the Hill with better judgement on national security issues than this White House has shown, and it all begs the question, what else are they hiding? And who are they really trying to protect?” 

Published: May 9, 2017

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