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News Thursday, Jan 19 2017

So Mnuchin Just "Forgot" About $100 Million?

Jan 19, 2017

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement on Steven Mnuchin’s failure to disclose hundreds of millions in assets and business holdings:

“Steve Mnuchin got rich foreclosing on American families and apparently was so good at it that he simply forgot about $100 million in assets he had in the Cayman Islands. Like so many other Trump nominees, Mnuchin’s ethically bankrupt and controversial past has disqualified him from serving, and it’s time Republicans stop rubber stamping these dangerous Cabinet picks.

“By slamming through Mnuchin, Senate Republicans are becoming accessories to Trump’s future corruption, helping him stack his Cabinet with shady billionaires who, like Trump, will rig the government to serve their own interests at the expense of the American people.”

Published: Jan 19, 2017

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