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News Wednesday, May 17 2017

Six Must-See Moments From Sally Yates’ CNN Interview

May 17, 2017

Remember it took President Trump eighteen days to fire Michael Flynn after the White House was warned he was compromised by the Russians and was a blackmail risk. Remember yesterday it was reported President Trump regrets firing Flynn at all. Then watch this:

  1. WATCH: “Serious Questions” About Trump’s Motivation For Firing Comey:

    “I think this is a really troubling situation. I think there are serious questions about both the timing and the motivation of the president’s actions.”

  2. WATCH: Trump’s Reported Loyalty Pledge Is “Inappropriate”

    “No, not to him individually. Our loyalty at the Department of Justice should be to the people of the United States and to the law and the Constitution. And no one and nothing else. […] Because our oath is to uphold the Constitution and the law. And that means we’ve got to be able to call it like we see it. […]  I wouldn’t have done it. […] It’s inappropriate.”

  3. WATCH: Michael Flynn Was “Last Person In The World” You Would Want The Russians To Have Leverage Over

    “This has been a tried and true tradecraft of the Russians for decades now and the gist of it is pretty simple. It’s that if they have information that they can use to, as leverage over someone, then they will use that. They have a word for it- kompromat. And in this situation we had both the underlying conduct that was problematic for General Flynn, but then the public misrepresentations about it that were based on lies that General Flynn had told the Vice President and others. And the combination of that is absolutely information that the Russians can use as leverage against General Flynn, who was the National Security Adviser, like, the last person in the world that you would want the Russians to have leverage over.”

  4. WATCH: Michael Flynn’s Conduct Implicated A “Criminal Statute.”

    “There is certainly a criminal statute that was implicated by his conduct.”

  5. WATCH: “Nothing Unclear” About Yates’ Warning To White House Counsel About Flynn

    “I don’t think there’s anything at all unclear about the first meeting. Mr. McGahn had some additional issues he wanted to discuss, but there was nothing unclear about the first meeting.”

  6. WATCH: Flynn Was A National Security Threat

    “COOPER: It was a national security threat? YATES: Absolutely.  COOPER: You have no doubt about that? YATES: I don’t think anybody in the intel community has a doubt about that.”


Published: May 17, 2017

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