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News Monday, Apr 17 2017

More signs that Trump's infrastructure bill is handout to foreign billionaires

Apr 17, 2017

“More and more signs are piling up that Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan is only going to be government handouts to billionaires and foreign companies. The fact that Trump’s campaign manager is already selling access to foreign companies proves Trump doesn’t care about creating U.S. jobs — only lining his own pockets — and redoubles the need for Trump to release his tax returns so Americans can see how else he is planning to profit at their expense.” — Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson


Financial Times: Former Trump aide advises Chinese tycoon on building contracts

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, who has deep ties to Russia, is offering advice to a Chinese billionaire on how to win construction contracts for the US president’s promised $1tn infrastructure buildout.

Mr Manafort met Yan Jiehe, the billionaire founder of Pacific Construction Group, in Shanghai last Tuesday. Ahead of the meeting, Mr Yan told the Financial Times that Mr Manafort — who has represented leaders from the Philippines to Angola to Ukraine — would help him navigate what is expected to eventually be a US infrastructure boom.

Speaking in a conference room decorated with Chinese classical paintings and overlooking Shanghai’s financial district, Mr Yan pointed to a US map, as he outlined his ambition to win infrastructure deals in the world’s largest economy. “The map that we’ve hung up here is for Trump’s special envoy, Paul,” Mr Yan said.

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Published: Apr 17, 2017

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