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News Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

Senator Burr's Broken Term Limit Promise

Jul 20, 2016

Senator Richard Burr just announced that 2016 will be his last election (losing your seat usually ensures that), but Burr broke his pledge to step down from the Senate years ago.

During his time in the House, Burr backed term limits: 10-12 years as a Congressman and 12 years as a Senator. But when he announced he would run for his third term in the Senate in 2014, Burr reneged on that pledge.

Senator Burr is all in for the Party of Trump, committing to campaign for the GOP nominee’s divisive, misogynistic, and nationalist policies. Burr is breaking his term limit promise by running for a third term in the Senate, but North Carolina voters can force him and his Trumpian agenda out in November.


Broken Term Limit Pledge

Burr Had “Always” Supported Term Limits

Burr: “I’ve Always Been Supportive Of Our Efforts Here To Set Term Limits.” According to News and Observer, “REP. RICHARD BURR: -I’ve always been supportive of our efforts here to set term limits. I think that clearly when you see a John Dingell [Demo-cratic representative from Michigan], you understand that institutional knowledge is valuable. But in five years, I’ve also learned that the generational change that term limits bring is a valuable part of the process.” [News and Observer, 8/22/99]

Burr Supported Term Limits; 10-12 years in the House And 12 years in the Senate

Burr: I Support 12 Year Term Limits In The House and 12 Year Limits In The Senate. According to News and Observer, “THE N&O: – You say you have supported efforts to get term limits. There have been different versions of term limits. What specific version do you support? BURR: – I support 12 years. THE N&O: – Twelve in the House, 12 in the Senate? BURR: – That’s right. THE N&O: – So, you don’t support six years? BURR: – No. I’ve always said that I didn’t think six years was enough time to go through the educational curve and to make a contribution, and I still feel that’s the case.” [News and Observer, 8/22/99]

Burr Waffled On His Support Of Term Limits As He Neared His Self-Imposed Deadline

Burr In 2002: “To Reverse The Term Limit Pledge You’d Have To Make A Compelling Case That Its Beneficial To The 5th District.” According to Winston-Salem Journal, “But term limits never passed in Congress. Burr says now that he generally supported the concept in 1994 of limiting a congressman’s service to 10 or 12 years. ‘That’s certainly something that weighs on me,’ he said. ‘To reverse that pledge, you’d have to make a compelling case that it’s beneficial to the 5th District,’ he said. ‘I think the chairmanship of the Energy and Commerce Committee hits that threshold.’” [Winston-Salem Journal, 11/10/02]

Burr Announced That He Would Run For A Third Senate Term

2014: Burr Announced That He Would Run For A Third Senate Term.  According to the Associated Press, “North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr says he’s expecting to run for a third U.S. Senate term in 2016. The office of the Winston-Salem Republican essentially confirmed Tuesday the comments he made to a Washington-based political publication that he would seek re-election.” [Associated Press,9/16/14]

In 2012 Voted Against Term Limits

2012: Burr Voted Against Supporting Term Limits For Members Of Congress. In February 2012, Burr voted against an amendment, according to the Congressional Research Service, “To express the sense of the Senate that the Senate should pass a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution that limits the number of terms a Member of Congress may serve.” The amendment to the proposed Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012 failed by a vote of 24 to 74. [Senate Vote 11, 2/2/12; Congressional Research Service Summary, S. Admt 1488, 1/31/12]

Published: Jul 20, 2016

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