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News Monday, Mar 6 2017

Sen. Dean Heller's Silence Jeopardizes 300K Nevadans' Health Care

Mar 06, 2017

Despite a cheap photo-op/tweet with the governor saying he would work to preserve Medicaid expansion for 300,000 Nevadans, Sen. Dean Heller is conspicuously missing from a letter today by four Republican senators who are concerned by the House Republicans’ ACA repeal plan that could put 300,000 Nevadans at risk of losing their health insurance.

Why the change of heart, Sen. Heller?

Last week, Governor Sandoval reported that he and Sen. Dean Heller were “working together to preserve” coverage for 300,000 Nevadans.

Dean Heller’s name is noticeably missing from today’s GOP senate letter opposing the House GOP repeal plan that jeopardizes health care for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.

Sen. Heller’s Past Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act:

2015: Heller Voted For A Bill That Repealed Portions Of The Affordable Care Act, Including Eliminating The Act’s Medicaid Expansion In 2018. 
In December 2015, Heller voted for a bill that according to Congressional Quarterly, would have “scrap[ed] in 2018 the law’s Medicaid expansion, as well as subsidies to help individuals buy coverage through the insurance exchanges.” Additionally, according to Congressional Quarterly the bill would have “repeal[ed] portions of the 2010 health care law and block[ed] federal funding for Planned Parenthood for one year. As amended, the bill would zero-out the law’s penalties for noncompliance with the law’s requirements for most individuals to obtain health coverage and employers to offer health insurance.” The vote was on passage of a reconciliation bill. The Senate approved the bill by a vote of 52 to 47. The bill was later passed by the full Congress, which the president then vetoed. The House was not able to override the veto. [Senate Vote 329, 12/3/15; Congressional Quarterly, 12/3/15; Real Clear Politics, 12/4/15 Congressional Actions, H.R. 3762]

2017:  Heller Voted For A Budget Resolution Designed To Begin The Process Of Repealing The Affordable Care Act. In January 2017, Heller voted for a budget resolution designed to begin reconciliation instructions to repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to Congressional Quarterly, “the proposed 10-year spending framework culminates in a $1 trillion annual deficit and adds about $9 trillion to the national debt.” The vote was on passage. The Senate passed the budget resolution by a vote of 51 to 48. The House later passed the resolution. [Senate Vote 026, 1/12/17; Congressional Quarterly, 1/4/17; Congressional Actions, S. Con. Res. 3]

  • Headline: “Senate Takes Major Step Toward Replacing Health Care Law”[New York Times, 1/12/17]

Published: Mar 6, 2017

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