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News Thursday, Dec 10 2015

Rubio Tries To Make ACA Senate Accomplishment Out Of Nothing

Dec 10, 2015

The rub to Marco Rubio’s five years in the Senate is that he doesn’t have a single major accomplishment to tout. Immigration reform was supposed to be his tour de force, but ask Ted Cruz and Bob Vander Plaats how that turned out.

So Rubio is stuck hoping people look past facts to sell his Affordable Care Act “bailout,” something the LA Times called “the most cynical attack” against the ACA because the risk corridors that Rubio is going after protect patients more than insurance companies.

As most of the reporters who have looked into his misleading claims have concluded, Rubio managed to take away affordable healthcare from some patients through state co-ops but hasn’t saved taxpayers any money.
Here’s how Rubio’s ploy is playing out:

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Bloomberg: Marco Rubio Didn’t ‘Kill’ Obamacare, But Here’s How He Undermined It

Huffington Post: Rubio’s Boast Of Stopping Obamacare ‘Bailout’ Omits Some Crucial Facts

LA Times Column: No, Marco Rubio didn’t score a blow against Obamacare — he merely hurt patients

News Talk Florida: Did Marco Rubio Kill Obamacare?

Published: Dec 10, 2015

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