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News Gun Safety Thursday, Jun 23 2016

Rubio, Portman, Burr And Johnson Vote Against GOP-Led Effort To Stop Terrorists From Buying Guns

Jun 23, 2016

Just 24 hours after reversing course and announcing his reelection campaign — and less than two weeks after discussing the possibility of doing so at the scene of a mass-shooting — Marco Rubio’s already voted against a GOP-led effort to keep terrorists from buying guns.

Give Rubio some credit: it’s a miracle that the chronically-absent Trump supporter showed up for the vote at all — after all, he just yesterday celebrated the launch of his reelection campaign by blowing off a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

But Marco Rubio’s vote to table a GOP-led measure to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists exemplifies the extent to which Rubio sees the Senate as nothing more than a stepping stone to a 2020 White House run.

Rubio wasn’t alone in his political cowardice and willingness to put the NRA agenda over the priorities of 85% of the American people. Rubio was joined by Senators Rob Portman, Richard, Burr, and Ron Johnson, each of whom similarly voted to kill the measure, letting down Ohioans, North Carolinians, and Wisconsinites, respectively.

Published: Jun 23, 2016

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