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Monday, Feb 8 2021

Ron Johnson Just Admitted COVID Rescue Package Will Help People, Opposes it Anyway

Feb 08, 2021

Watch Johnson try to explain why he’s opposing giving Wisconsin families relief from the pandemic

This is rich. Ron Johnson, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, admitted today that President Biden’s COVID relief rescue package will help families struggling from the pandemic. But despite his admission that the rescue package “will go to help people,” Johnson doubled down on his opposition to it, because…reasons.

“Millionaire Ron Johnson just said the quiet part out loud: he knows the COVID rescue package will help his constituents, but he opposes it anyway,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Ron Johnson owes Wisconsin families an explanation for why he deserved a massive tax cut but his constituents shouldn’t get a $1,400 check to help pay the rent.”

Published: Feb 8, 2021

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