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Monday, Nov 6 2017

Rick Scott's Lobbyist Crony Kept Deadly Nursing Home Open

Nov 06, 2017

An explosive new report Friday by CBS Miami reveals that in 2014, the State of Florida wanted to close down the nursing home where 14 people died during Hurricane Irma.

After the previous owners were convicted for Medicare fraud, the state planned to shut down the nursing home. However, lobbyist Bill Rubin, a close crony of Rick Scott, kept the troubled nursing home open for a client.

This is the latest twist in the ongoing nursing home scandal involving Rick Scott. After the tragic — and likely preventable — deaths following Hurricane Irma, Scott came under fire for deleting voicemails from the nursing home asking him for immediate help, a key piece of evidence in the investigation into the tragedy.

“This is just another example of Rick Scott putting what’s good for him and his wealthy friends above what’s good for regular Floridians,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Yet again a wealthy lobbyist is pulling special favors in Rick Scott’s administration in a move that puts Floridians at risk. The voters of Florida cannot trust Rick Scott to have their backs in any case where his rich buddies have an interest.”

Published: Nov 6, 2017

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