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News Wednesday, Apr 25 2018

Rick Scott seeks extension to disclose personal finances

Apr 25, 2018

“Rick Scott has proved yet again why Floridians don’t trust him. Instead of being transparent and disclosing his financial interests, Rick Scott is continuing to hide what are likely massive conflicts of interest. The fact that his net worth increased $46 million while he’s been in office speaks volumes and raises serious questions he must address. What is he trying to hide?” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.


Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott seeks extension to disclose personal finances

He had until May 15 but now could take until July 29.


By Alex Leary | April 25, 2018

  • “Gov. Rick Scott will not be detailing his personal finances any time soon after the U.S. Senate candidate on Tuesday filed an extension.”
  • ‘”Rick Scott requested an extension of time for filing the annual Public Financial Disclosure Report. The report was originally due on May 15, 2018,’ reads a page on the Senate financial disclosure website.”
  • ‘”Pursuant to section 101(g) of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, a 75-day extension was granted and the new due date for the report is no later than July 29, 2018.”‘
  • “As we’ve reported the Senate has significantly tighter financial disclosure requirements than Florida.”
  • “Assets in the name of First Lady Ann Scott, for instance, are not required to be disclosed under Florida’s blind trust law, but would be for a U.S. Senate candidate or senator.”
  • “Likewise, Scott no longer would be allowed to use a longtime business associate and partner to manage his blind trust because the Senate requires a ‘completely independent’ trustee.”

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Published: Apr 25, 2018

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