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News Thursday, Sep 6 2018

Rick Scott & Mike Pence are Two Peas in a Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Ending Pod

Sep 06, 2018

Rick Scott has spent his whole career fighting the Affordable Care Act. So of course he has refused to oppose the lawsuit that could strip millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions of their healthcare. Scott’s close ally Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a co-counsel on the lawsuit, and his close friend Donald Trump has his administration supporting the suit.

But when asked about his position on an issue vital to the lives of millions of Floridians, Scott ducked responsibility: “That’s a decision of the attorney general,” and, “That’s a separate … my office is not involved in that.”

But it’s not hard to tell where Rick Scott stands. This afternoon, Scott is campaigning and raising cash with Vice President Mike Pence at a fundraiser — his strongest endorsement yet of the Trump Administration’s crusade against pre-existing conditions protections and the whole Affordable Care Act.

“Rick Scott wants to take protections for pre-existing conditions coverage away from millions of Floridians. We know where he stands — because he’s stood on stage with Donald Trump and Mike Pence time and time again. His failure to take responsibility would be plain tiresome if it didn’t put millions at risk,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “The only thing voters hate more than a politician trying to take away their healthcare is a politician who refuses to admit what he really believes.”

Published: Sep 6, 2018

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