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News Tuesday, Mar 7 2017

Why is Rex Tillerson hiding?

Mar 07, 2017

“Today – finally – the State Department will resume its daily press briefings, which are watched by our allies around the world. Tillerson refused to participate in the roll-out of the annual Human Rights Report last week and avoided questions on the ineffective Muslim Ban he announced yesterday. Tillerson’s absence from State and public appearances has created a void of confidence in State department officials and have many wondering, why is Rex hiding?” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh.
A few questions ahead of State’s first press briefing in over a month:
1. Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton’s State Department’s briefings began within a day of their swearing in, why has it taken the State department over one month to have a daily briefing?
2. Is Rex Tillerson concerned what message not hosting daily briefings will send to our allies around the world who watch them closely?
3. What is the role of the State department if Trump plans to cut the budget by 37%?
4. Did Secretary Tillerson ask Donald Trump to issue the statement obviously plagiarized from Exxon Mobil yesterday during lunch or was the company discussed at all?
5. During his confirmation hearing, Tillerson said this of a proposed Muslim ban, “I do not support a blanket type rejection of any particular group of people,” but yesterday he introduced an Executive Order do exactly that, what is the reason for the flip flop?

Published: Mar 7, 2017

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