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Wednesday, Mar 22 2017

Rep. Nunes Highlights Need for a Special Prosecutor

Mar 22, 2017

Following Rep. Devin Nunes’ press conference, American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“Once again Rep. Nunes is selectively releasing information to further a political agenda on behalf of the White House. If he wants the public to have confidence in his ability to oversee an investigation, he should release details: who were the individuals under surveillance that Trump officials were communicating with? What were they discussing? And why is his first instinct to run to the White House with this information when they’re the subject of multiple investigations?

“If it wasn’t already painfully obvious, Nunes is a White House lackey who can’t be trusted. His political agenda is getting in the way of an unbiased investigation, and this latest development further demonstrates the need for a special prosecutor to oversee this investigation.”

Published: Mar 22, 2017

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