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News Wednesday, Mar 1 2017

REAL TALK: Nothing Has Changed, Trump's Agenda Remains as Unconstitutional and Dangerous as Ever

Mar 01, 2017

…And the White House is Even Admitting as Much This Morning

Here’s a reality check the world needs today: just because he avoided acting like a petty, small child for 60 minutes last night doesn’t mean there’s a new Donald Trump among us. In fact, the opposite is true – the White House is just trying to distract the country from the dangers of their agenda.  The Washington Post and CNN even reported as much this morning when they said that nothing has changed and the White House still has plans for a new, unconstitutional Executive Order banning Muslims from our country, they may just hold off for a few due to political calculations.

“We’ve seen this before and know better, this ‘pivot’ has a 36 hour shelf-life before the chaos and racism returns in full force,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “However, for once the White House is actually telling the truth and admitting that nothing has changed. This President is still the reckless, dangerous demagogue who cozies up to Russian dictators and is hell bent on screwing over the American people with his agenda. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention to the past 18 months.”

Washington Post: The foundation of the speech were “the same themes and promises that Trump used to fire up his base during the election and that continue to provoke controversy in the early days of his presidency.”

Watch CNN Report on the White House Playing Politics:

Poppy Harlow: They were going to announce the new revised travel ban this morning, they are not going to now because of how well the speech went is that right?

Jeremy Diamond: That’s right.  Around the time the President and his top advisors were getting back to the White House a senior administration official told me that they had just decided to delay signing the new executive order, which would be the revised travel ban.  That had been schedule to be signed today but following all of these — this positive reception the speech and the overwhelmingly positive coverage that we have seen you know they decided maybe it is best not to cut into that.  They also want to give the Executive Order its own moment is what an official told me, so certainly there are some political considerations at play there.  That has gotten some blow back from folks who have pointed out that the president in the past had said that this was a national security imperative to sign this executive order as soon as possible and obviously now it seems like some political considerations are coming into play as they look to enjoy this moment and allow the positive coverage of this speech to continue before cutting into that with a really controversial Executive Order.

Published: Mar 1, 2017

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