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News Thursday, Oct 9 2014

Rand Paul on student-teacher ratios: “I think we should go a million to one! Ten million to one!"

Oct 09, 2014

The “Rand Paul as 2016 frontrunner” storyline continues to get more and more fun for Democrats. Whether he’s getting caught blatantly flip-flopping on a variety of topics (aid to Israelbirth controlcivil rights, etc.), or claiming he’ll repeal every executive order ever (never a good sign when a presidential candidate has to clarify that they don’t support repealing the Emancipation Proclamation), every day brings new excitement to Stand With Rand fever.
And now he’s really outdone himself. Yesterday, Rand Paul took the stage at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit to discuss education, and he offered an interesting take on class sizes. Here’s a direct quote from Paul on student-to-teacher ratios: 

“I think we should go a million to one! Ten million to one!”

Maybe it’s not terribly surprising — after all, this is coming from a guy who wanted to abolish the Department of Education before the Tea Party made abolishing the Department of Education cool. But surprising or not, Rand Paul can add 10,000,000-1 student-to-teacher ratios to the long list of positions he’ll have trouble selling to the American public. 
Godspeed, Senator. We hope you’re looking forward to 2016 as much as we are.

Published: Oct 9, 2014

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