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News Wednesday, May 9 2018

QUICK CLIP: Wisconsin Veterans Slam Nicholson for Continued Attacks Against Vets

May 09, 2018

Over a week after Wisconsin Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson offended former servicemembers across the state by questioning the “cognitive thought process” of Democratic veterans, Nicholson has refused to back down. He’s standing strongly behind his disparaging remarks, calling the controversy a “distraction from the real issues” — and even attacking veterans who have spoken up for “faking outrage.”

Wisconsin veterans have demanded Nicholson apologize, and local media is taking note. This morning, Milwaukee’s WDJT and La Crosse’s WQOW both featured veterans responding to Nicholson. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “We all served. We’re all patriots. We all believe in this country and signed up for a lot of the same reasons, and it’s really disappointing to me that somebody would accuse us, or I guess not accuse, but call us dumb, basically. It’s insulting to me.
  • “For him to criticize my son in the National Guard, because Nicholson wants to make a few political points, that’s as rotten as it gets.

WATCH below as local TV stations highlight veterans’ calling out Nicholson’s shameful rhetoric:



Published: May 9, 2018

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