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Tuesday, Sep 18 2018

Quick Clip: Rick Scott’s “Bus Tour” Is Going Terribly

Sep 18, 2018

Scott is cancelling events and running
from constituents as protests plague his tour

Rick Scott’s plane bus tour is off to a horrible start.

Here are a few of the ways Scott’s tour has stumbled in its first week:

  • Last week, Scott ditched his stop at one Florida donut shop for another one with fewer protestors.
  • Scott was called out for using his private plane between campaign stops.
  • Yesterday, Scott was “besieged” by protestors who blame him for the toxic algae blooms and Red Tide plaguing Florida waters.
  • And just this morning, Scott announced he’s cancelling a stop in red tide-affected Naples.


Tallahassee’s Spectrum News even highlighted the anti-Scott protests at yesterday’s stop, which were so loud they forced Scott to leave his event after just ten minutes.

Watch Tallahassee’s Spectrum News cover Scott’s “particularly difficult Monday“:

Watch the full clip here.

Published: Sep 18, 2018

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