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News Thursday, Jul 27 2017

QUICK CLIP: Fox 5: Nevadans Furious with Dean Heller's Healthcare Vote

Jul 27, 2017

Angry Nevadans who are furious with Dean Heller’s recent health care vote called into Fox 5’s  “The Rant” to air their complaints earlier this week. “Viewers are questioning if they can trust him,” said reporter John Huck.

A brief sample of Nevadans’ complaints for Dean Heller:

  • “We need to vote him out. You can’t trust him. He’s a politician. He can’t keep his word.”
  • “You just lost my vote. You kept saying…you were going to vote no, but you voted yes.”
  • “Really, Dean Heller? You could have made a difference. You could have been that one no that we needed for Nevada. You are scared as hell of the president.”

Watch the full news segment here.

Published: Jul 27, 2017

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