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News Thursday, Nov 3 2016

Pence Punts On Endorsing Trump-Backer Paul Ryan's Speaker Bid

Nov 03, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan has been a steadfast Donald Trump supporter, sticking with the Trump-Pence ticket throughout Trump’s calls for mass-deportation, mocking of veterans and people with disabilities, endorsements of torture and racial profiling, and even Trump’s bragging about sexual assault.

It seemed as though Paul Ryan couldn’t lose any more dignity — until now.

Asked several times whether he believed Ryan should be re-elected as Speaker of the House, Mike Pence punted — refusing to give Ryan, who’s squandered all of his credibility on backing Trump and Pence, so much as a vote of confidence.

There are plenty of Republicans who have disgraced themselves in standing by and defending Trump — Mitch McConnell certainly comes to mind — but has anyone done more self-inflicted damage as Paul Ryan?

Published: Nov 3, 2016

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