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Wednesday, Mar 30 2016

Pat McCrory: Running And Hiding From HB2

Mar 30, 2016

Desperate to change the subject away from his signature of HB2 into law, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory hoped a sign unveiling along U.S. 70 would do the trick:  It didn’t. 

After praising the assembled media on their interest in roads, the tone quickly shifted as McCrory grew frustrated with questions regarding his defense of anti-transgender legislation. McCrory issued a curt reply–dodging the questions and pivoting to jobs and roads–and quickly retreated to his waiting car. 

A day after the signing of a letter by 80 business executives calling for repeal of HB2, it is intriguing that McCrory would tout job growth while simultaneously defending a discriminatory law that puts North Carolina’s workforce at risk. 

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Published: Mar 30, 2016

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