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Thursday, Mar 30 2017

Nunes is a Liar

Mar 30, 2017

Rep. Nunes is a liar and his unethical behavior is unprecedented. Receiving intelligence from the entity he’s supposed to be investigating represents a gross conflict of interest and it remains obvious that Nunes is only interested in pushing the White House’s agenda at the expense of the truth. We need a 9/11 style, independent commission that can run a credible investigation independent of politics,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh.

Watch Rep. Devin Nunes interview just a few days ago here

BLITZER: By holding the meeting on the White House grounds, it makes it appear that someone in the administration was coordinating the release of this information to you. Is that not the case?
NUNES: No, it’s not the case. Like I said, this is something I had been working for a long time. And I had to find a way for me to have access to the information, because we couldn’t get the information down to the committee.And this was — you know, this was a way I could facilitate me getting that information.

Published: Mar 30, 2017

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