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News Wednesday, Feb 14 2018

Not-So-Way Back Wednesday:  Last Year, GOP Fled Kevin Cramer's Toxic Statements

Feb 14, 2018

The GOP may be courting Rep. Kevin Cramer to run for Senate now that they’ve been turned down by five other potential recruits, but less than a year ago Republicans were running from Cramer and his tendency for toxic, “Todd Akin-like” remarks.

“From derogatory comments about his female colleagues’ appearance to defending Sean Spicer’s whitewashing of the Holocaust, Cramer knows how to offend just about everyone,”said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Kevin Cramer’s habit of making toxic remarks led Republicans to abandon him last year, but desperate Republicans who have been turned down over and over again in North Dakota are now begging their backup-boyfriend to take them back.”

Here are just some examples of headlines from last year that made the GOP worry about Cramer’s Akin-esque flaws as a candidate: 

West Central Tribune: N.D. congressman: Women wearing ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’ during Trump speech have a ‘disease’

Politico: GOP lawmaker: ‘Poorly dressed’ Democratic women wore ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’

Grand Forks Herald: Kevin Cramer faces MSNBC hosts on media priorities comments

West Fargo Pioneer: Port: Congressman Kevin Cramer says his ISP won’t turn over his internet history

Say Anything Blog: I Requested a Copy of Congressman Kevin Cramer’s Internet Browser History Today

The Hill: GOP lawmaker open to releasing his internet browsing history

Grand Forks Herald: Port: Kevin Cramer says Spicer Holocaust comment was ‘dumb,’ but ‘technically right’

WDAY: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

Grand Forks Herald: UPDATE: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

Elle: Male Rep. Thinks Protesting Congressional Women Were “Poorly Dressed”

Mediaite: GOP Rep: Congresswomen Wearing White to Trump’s Speech Were ‘Poorly’ Dressed in ‘Bad-Looking’ Suits

Refinery 29: GOP Lawmaker Calls Democratic Women In White “Poorly Dressed”

The Cut: GOP Lawmaker Says ‘Poorly Dressed’ Democratic Women Wore ‘Bad-Looking’ White Pantsuits

Daily Mail: Congressman mocks Democratic women who wore ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’ to Trump speech as he says they have a ‘disease’ 

The New Civil Rights Movement: GOP Congressman Mocks ‘Disease’ of Women Lawmakers Wearing ‘Bad-Looking White Pantsuits’ for Hillary

Yahoo News: Republican slams Democratic women for wearing white to Trump’s speech

Raw Story: GOP lawmaker: Democratic women have ‘disease’ making them ‘wear bad-looking white pantsuits’

Huffington Post: GOP Congressman Mocked Democratic Women’s ‘Bad-Looking White Pantsuits’

The Hill: Pelosi responds to GOP rep who criticized female Dems for ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’

The Hill: GOP rep criticizes female Dems for wearing ‘bad-looking white pantsuits’ to Trump speech

CNN: Rep defends criticism of congresswomen who wore white: ‘They looked silly’

Talking Points Memo: Report: GOPer Said ‘Poorly-Dressed’ House Dems Wore White For Clinton

KVRR: Rep. Cramer Under Fire for Calling White-Dressed Lawmakers “Silly” and Like a “Disease”

AOL News: Republican Congressman says women who wore white to Trump’s address are silly 

Salon: WATCH: Republican congressman criticizes Democrats who wore white to Trump’s speech as “silly” and “poorly” dressed

Glamour: Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer Chides Democratic Women for “Bad-Looking White Pantsuits”

Vanity Fair: House Republican Calls Out Women in White Pantsuits

Bustle: This Republican’s Criticism Of Democratic Women’s White Outfits Reveals A Larger Problem About Feminism In Politics

International Business Times: Republican takes sartorial swipe at Democrat women whose white pantsuits are ‘a disease’

The Independent: Republican says women who wore white suffragette suits to Trump’s speech were ‘poorly dressed’

Washington Examiner: GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer fails his Fashion Police audition miserably

Breitbart: GOP Rep Rips ‘Poorly Dressed’ Democratic Women For Wearing ‘Bad-Looking White Pantsuits’

Cosmopolitan: GOP Congressman Criticizes Democratic Women for Wearing “Bad-Looking White Pantsuits”

Shareblue: GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer claims emergency rooms are “universal health care”

Shareblue: North Dakota congressman is first 2018 GOP Senate contender to attack Social Security

Jamestown Sun: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

West Fargo Pioneer: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

CNN: North Dakota congressman: Spicer Hitler comment ‘not without some validity’

WDAZ: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

The Forum (Fargo): Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

NY Daily News: North Dakota congressman defends Sean Spicer’s controversial Adolf Hitler remarks as ‘technically right’

Dickinson Press: Cramer calls coverage of Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments overblown

The Hill: GOP rep: Spicer’s Hitler remark ‘not without some validity’

McFeely: Cramer Just Can’t Help Trying To Be The Trumpiest Of All

Independent Journal Review: North Dakota Congressman Defends Spicer’s Hitler Comments

Washington Examiner: Lawmaker defends Spicer’s Hitler reference: ‘It’s not without some validity’

KFGO: Congressman: Spicer comments ‘not without some validity’

Capital Journal: Congressman: Spicer comments ‘not without some validity’ 

MRP News: Congressman: Spicer comments ‘not without some validity’

Business Insider: Congressman: Spicer comments ‘not without some validity’ 

Published: Feb 14, 2018

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