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News Tuesday, Dec 22 2015

No Walk-Backs: Joe Heck's Been Talking About Trump's Plans For Months

Dec 22, 2015

Congressman Joe Heck is laughably trying to distance himself from a number of comments he’s made in the last weeks and months expressing interest in Donald Trump’s xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric and proposals. His walk-back window closed months ago:5

  • Congressman Heck’s said Donald Trump’s call for ending constitutionally-guaranteed birthright citizenship should “be part of the discussion.”

  • Heck’s official position on Donald Trump’s fascist-inspired Muslim ban is “Congressman Heck does not agree with [Trump’s] remarks.” Not “agreeing” with Trump’s “remarks” is not denouncing the proposal — nor is it denouncing the deeply offensive and marginalizing sentiment behind them.

  • Most damningly, Congressman Heck refuses to say whether or not he’d support Donald Trump is he’s nominated. 
Until Congressman Heck definitively says he won’t support Trump, we can only assume he would — and as long as Joe Heck’s standing with Trump, they’re one in the same.

Published: Dec 22, 2015

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