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News No Labels Monday, Jan 11 2016

No Joke: No Labels Applauds The Most Divisive, Offensive GOP Candidate Ever As A "Problem Solver"

Jan 11, 2016

Today, No Labels announced Donald Trump as one of their so-called “Problem Solver” candidates. Seriously.

The No Labels announcement — complete with this can’t be missed original music video —  argues that their “Problem Solver” candidates, including Trump, have pledged to work on bipartisan solutions to “get some really important things done for the American people.”

It’s nothing short of bizarre as to why No Labels would name Trump as one of their “Problem Solver” candidates. Since he entered the race, and in the months he’s reigned as GOP front runner, Trump has championed disgusting and offensive demagoguery and time and time again taken his divisive rhetoric to a new level.

In case No Labels was under a rock for the last seven months, here’s just a few ways Trump has proved he has anything but “Problem Solver” candidate values:

While the GOP establishment and other Republican candidates are all in on aligning themselves with Trump, maybe No Labels should take a few minutes to rethink their decision.

Published: Jan 11, 2016 | Last Modified: Feb 21, 2024

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