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News Monday, Apr 11 2016

New Video: Republicans Speak Out Against Contested Convention

Apr 11, 2016

As a contested convention for the Republican nomination becomes more likely, establishment power-brokers are scheming to deny Donald Trump or Ted Cruz the nomination. If RNC delegates reject the candidate selected by a plurality of primary voters, they don’t have to guess what the reaction will be — American Bridge is launching two new web videos using interviews from Republican primary voters in Iowa and South Carolina, as well as attendees at CPAC in March, who predicted that such backroom maneuvering would “ruin the Republican Party.” and that “people will rebel.”

Republican insiders are discontented with the thought of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz at the top of the ticket, but the Republican electorate has spoken. Voters are adamant that, “A brokered convention would just be such a slap in the face of the American people to say that we don’t respect who you want as your Republican candidate.”

“Republican Voters Reject a Brokered Convention”
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“Republican Voters Speak Out Against a Brokered Convention”
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Published: Apr 11, 2016

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