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New Video — David Perdue: Proud Of Outsourcing

Oct 07, 2014

Pro-tip: If you’re running for the United States Senate, and it comes to light that you have personally admitted that you’ve spent most of your career shipping American jobs overseas, you should at least pretend to feel bad about it.

David Perdue apparently didn’t get that memo.

Perdue was hit with a slew of different headlines all in the same vein as this one — “David Perdue: ‘I spent most of my career outsourcing..’

So how did he possibly he defend himself after the damning revelation about his career as an outsourcer? Well, in his own words… “Defend it? I’m proud of it!”

David Perdue’s career tells you everything you need to know about him. He went to Pillowtex, pocketed millions for himself, then bailed on the company right before they filed for bankruptcy, killing over 7,500 jobs. When he was CEO at Dollar General, they were forced to pay over $18 million to settle claims of discrimination of women. And now we learn that he spent most of his working life outsourcing American jobs.

If that’s a career David Perdue is proud of, it’s best we keep “US Senator” off that resume. Georgians deserve better.

Watch our new video:

Published: Oct 7, 2014

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