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News Wednesday, Feb 6 2019

NEW: Susan Collins Raised More Money From Brett Kavanaugh Supporters Than Mainers

Feb 06, 2019

“‘For all the talk about Collins’s record-setting quarter, the reality is that she raised more money from Kavanaugh sympathizers than she did from the people she’s supposed to be representing,’ said Amelia Penniman, a spokeswoman for Bridge. ‘That fact speaks volumes and underscores exactly why her days in the Senate are numbered.’”

Huffington Post: Susan Collins Raised More Money From Brett Kavanaugh Supporters Than Mainers

By Amanda Terkel | February 6, 2019

  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) had the best fundraising quarter of her life in 2018, boosted in part by her decision to support Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.
  • “Collins raised $1.8 million in the last quarter of the year, but just $19,000 of that money came in itemized donations ― contributions of $200 or more ― from residents of Maine.
  • In contrast, $32,000 came from public advocates of Kavanaugh’s nomination, according to a review by the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge 21st Century. For the most part, these people donated on the same day or after Collins’ Oct. 5 announcement that she would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, even though he faced sexual misconduct allegations.”
  • “Collins’ office did not return a request for comment. But Amy Abbott, the deputy treasurer of her campaign committee, earlier said that the high amount of out-of-state contributions was deliberate”…“We focused our fundraising efforts nationally, which we typically do until the election year, which is why there were relatively fewer donations from Maine.”
  • “Democrats initially hoped that Collins could be one of the Republicans to join them in tanking Kavanaugh’s nomination. She has been a supporter of abortion rights, whilePresident Donald Trump made clear his Supreme Court justice nominees would overturn those protections.
  • “Activists raised millions of dollars, promising to use it to help Collins’ future 2020 opponent if she decided to vote for Kavanaugh. Collins’ office likened the effort to extortion, saying it was an attempt to “bully” the senator.”

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Published: Feb 6, 2019

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