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News Friday, Sep 15 2017

New American Bridge Video Holds Heller Accountable for Hypocrisy, Broken Promises

Sep 15, 2017

American Bridge today released a video holding Dean Heller accountable for his hypocrisy and broken promises to Nevadans on healthcare.

The video shows Heller at a June press conference promising to protect Medicaid and to only back legislation that governors support –and breaking both those promises to Nevadans. The Graham-Cassidy-Heller health plan, which Heller touted earlier this week, guts Medicaid and hasn’t gotten the support of many governors, even many Republicans including Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval.
“Dean Heller promised Nevadan’s he’d protect their healthcare, but now, terrified that his summer of flip flopping will cost him his re-election, he’s playing to the extreme right-wing of his party and pushing a bill that rips coverage away from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “It’s clear Dean Heller’s only real conviction is that he wants to save his own political hide. He’s broken his promises to Nevadans over and over again, and he will pay at the ballot box next November.”

Watch the video here.

See a timeline of Heller’s pandering on healthcare.
Graham-Cassidy-Heller would have disastrous consequences for American families. In fact, it manages to make things even worse than the last five ACA repeal bills: it guts Medicaid with $2.6 trillion in cuts that would make the program unrecognizable to the Americans who count on it and weakens the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee that insurance plans cover the most basic, essential health benefits, such as hospitalization, pregnancy care, and prescription drugs.

Published: Sep 15, 2017

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