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News Thursday, Nov 29 2018

New Ads and Website Featuring Bobby Jindal Show “Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy What to Expect if He Runs for Governor

Nov 29, 2018

Watch the ad here

See the new website,

American Bridge launched its first ads of the 2019 election cycle today to show Washington’s “Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy what he can expect should he decide to run for Louisiana Governor. Kennedy says he will make his decision by December 3.

The digital ads begin running today in Louisiana, including in Senator Kennedy’s hometown of Madisonville. They also feature a glowing endorsement of Kennedy from one of the most unpopular politicians in Louisiana, failed presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. The ads coincide with the launch of a new website, to chronicle how in Washington, John Kennedy is focused on promoting himself, not helping Louisiana families. While he has no major legislative accomplishments to speak of, Kennedy has been very busy promoting himself on national television.

Just this year alone, Kennedy has already done over 100 media interviews  — and the year isn’t even over. Unfortunately for Louisiana families, this is all too familiar. Louisiana suffered for eight years while Bobby Jindal traveled the country promoting his national ambitions.

“Louisiana is climbing out of the mess Bobby Jindal left behind, but Senator Soundbite John Kennedy would be Jindal on steroids,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Senator Kennedy’s record speaks for itself: more than a hundred media interviews, no accomplishments. Recycled soundbites might get John Kennedy on television in Washington and New York City, but they don’t do a thing to help Louisianans back home.”

Watch the ad here, and visit the new website at

Published: Nov 29, 2018

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