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Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 4 2020

New Ad Featuring Pennsylvania Vet, Former Trump Voter To Air With President’s Scranton Town Hall

Mar 04, 2020

American Bridge Ad Will Air Around Fox News Town Hall In Targeted PA Markets As Well As DC

Group Will Also Launch Banner Ads with Homepage Takeover of Scranton Times-Tribune Website

Just ahead of and following President Trump’s town hall on Fox News in Scranton this Thursday, American Bridge will run a new ad – featuring a Pennsylvania veteran, who voted for Trump in 2016, sharing his personal story of why he no longer supports the president in 2020. Separate 30 and 60-second spots featuring the veteran have been airing in Pennsylvania media markets, including Scranton, as part of the group’s latest $10 million wave of TV, radio, and digital in key swing states aimed at cutting into Trump’s margins with white-working class voters. The ads feature voters from each respective state sharing their stories of how they’ve been let down by Donald Trump since supporting him in 2016.

American Bridge will spot-buy cable systems in the group’s targeted Pennsylvania markets including Scranton, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Johnstown-Altoona, and Erie to ensure the new ad airs locally on Fox News Thursday evening to coincide with the president’s town hall. The ad will also precede and follow the town hall on Fox News in the Washington, DC market, so viewers in the White House and at Trump campaign headquarters have a chance to see it as well.

Additionally, the group will launch new banner ads on Thursday as part of a day-long homepage takeover of the Scranton Times-Tribune’s website. The ads will highlight Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare as well as his administration’s lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act that would kick 858,000 Pennsylvanians off health insurance and increase health care costs for everyone.

“Thursday evening, voters can count on hearing the president spout more lies and false promises, so it’s only fair to balance that out with a dose of truth,” said American Bridge President Bradley Beychok. “No one can better speak to Donald Trump’s failures in Pennsylvania, and across the country, than a real, hardworking, local veteran who used to support the president himself but won’t be with him again this November.” 

“With a highly competitive, potentially months-long primary on the horizon, Democrats can’t allow Donald Trump carte-blanche to campaign in these critical swing states. We’re going to keep countering his lies with voices of the very people who’ve lived the consequences of the president’s broken promises in order to peel off a critical slice of his voters this November to put our nominee in a position to take back the White House,” added Beychok

Published: Mar 4, 2020 | Last Modified: May 13, 2020

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