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Tuesday, May 8 2018

NEW AD: Bruising Ohio Primary Leaves DeWine Irreparably Damaged Ahead of General Election

May 08, 2018

Today, immediately following the Ohio gubernatorial primary election, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting newly ordained Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine. The ad asks Ohio voters – if DeWine’s fellow Republican, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, has so thoroughly denounced him, how can any Republican voter trust him to be their governor?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Ohio targeted to Republican voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson said, “Mike DeWine was forced to spend nearly $6 million in a bruising Republican primary — and came away with his opponent’s damaging attacks still sticking to his back. Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor summarized it best — Mike DeWine is part of the status quo establishment and has been more focused on advancing his own career than in helping Ohio families. If this is what fellow Republicans were willing to say about DeWine, how can any Ohioan trust him?”

WATCH DeWine’s fellow Republicans tell Ohioans exactly why they shouldn’t vote for him:

Watch the full ad here.

Published: May 8, 2018

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