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News Monday, Jun 11 2018

#MondayMemories: In 2015, Rick Scott Promised Floridians "The Buck Stops Here"

Jun 11, 2018

Rick Scott’s response to Florida’s concealed carry background check scandal has been disappointingly predictable: avoid all responsibility and pass the buck.

But in 2015, in the midst of yet another controversy, Rick Scott promised Floridians that “the buck stops here” when his cabinet is engulfed in scandal. “The buck stops here, and that means I take responsibility,” Scott said.

“Rick Scott promised to take responsibility for mishaps and scandals in his cabinet,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “But Floridians have watched Scott pass the buck again and again. Now, he’s refusing to admit that his lack of oversight caused hundreds — and possibly thousands — of concealed weapon permits to get into the wrong hands. That’s not leadership. That’s negligence.”

WATCH Rick Scott promise that the “buck stops here” — a promise he’s broken over and over again:

Published: Jun 11, 2018

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