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Monday, Mar 10 2014

Minimum Wage Increase-Opponent Rauner Counts Himself Part of the "0.01%"

Mar 10, 2014

Illinois gubernatorial candidate and multi-millionaire Bruce Rauner – who has said he “adamantly” opposes increasing the minimum wage – recently proclaimed himself a member of the “0.01%” wealthiest Americans in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times.

Rauner owns nine homes and made $53 million last year. But that didn’t stop him from saying at a gubernatorial candidate forum last fall that he is “adamantly against” increasing the minimum wage, a policy intended to help hardworking Americans better support their families and achieve a higher quality of life.

Check out Rauner’s out-of-touch comments against the minimum wage, which American Bridge caught on tape:

Published: Mar 10, 2014

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