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News Tuesday, Oct 2 2018

MEMO: Revisiting Rick Scott's Record on 3 Key Debate Topics

Oct 02, 2018

A cheat sheet for #DebateFlorida on Scott’s real record

  1. Rick Scott is whitewashing his record on immigration.

A long history of support for extremist measures speaks otherwise.

Scott opposed the DREAM Actvetoed legislation giving Dreamers driver’s licenses,supported building Trump’s wall, and campaigned in support of an Arizona-style immigration law widely considered to enshrine racial profiling.

Contrary to his campaign-trail rhetoric, Scott has been downright lukewarm in his opposition to Trump’s cruel family separation policy.

In June, Politico reported “Scott isn’t taking his opposition to Trump’s policy as far as a handful of other Republican and Democratic governors, who are either pulling out National Guard personnel or are refusing to commit them along the border.

And asked about visiting migrant detention centers, Scott said“I’m, um, they, they’ll…” 

  1. Rick Scott is one of the most pro-gun governors in the country.

Scott passed more pro-gun bills in his first term in office than any governor in Florida history, including bills prohibiting local governments from regulating firearms and ammunition, penalizing doctors if they ask patients about gun ownership, and expanding Stand Your Ground.

Scott said he was “open” to arming teachers, supported open carry laws, supported campus carry, and opposed universal background checks.

In the aftermath of mass shootings at Pulse Nightclub, Fort Myers Club, and the Fort Lauderdale airport, Scott refused to consider gun safety laws.

And in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting? See for yourself.

  1. Rick Scott is wrong on healthcare.

When it comes to healthcare, Scott has made the same empty promises he does with everything else.

Exhibit A: Scott lied about his commitment to protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions. Politifact highlighted Scott’s support for proposals that would endanger the healthcare of millions of Floridians.

Scott also supported privatizing Medicare, opposes Medicare negotiating drug prices, refused to expand Medicaid, and vetoed funding for opioid addiction treatment.

BONUS: Rick Scott is lying about his comments on Hurricane Maria.

Today Scott denied he said, “I don’t know what I would do differently” than the Trump administration in response to Hurricane Maria. This is a lie, and we have the proof.

Published: Oct 2, 2018

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