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News Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Pence knows the real Donald Trump –>

Oct 08, 2016

In Mike Pence’s judgment, Donald Trump — a raging sexist who brags about sexually assaulting women — is broad-shouldered and a bold truth-teller.

Other than a whole lot of zeroes, Donald Trump and I have a lot in common, Pence likes to brag. He tells it like it is.

“Last week, Mike Pence spent 90 minutes lying for and shamelessly defending Donald Trump’s racism, tax-dodging, self-dealing, praise for dictators, and sexism. And on the campaign trail, Pence routinely compares himself to Trump — so, it’s absolutely laughable for Pence to now claim to be scandalized to learn that Donald Trump is the chauvinistic embodiment of the Republican Party and Pence’s own attitude toward women.”

— Jessica Mackler, President, American Bridge 21st Century


Published: Oct 8, 2016

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