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News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Mar 30 2016

McCrory Ban On Anti-Discrimination Measures Goes (Further) Awry

Mar 30, 2016


(via Kevin Siers/The Charlotte Observer)

Donald Trump’s taking heat for lying and defaming a reporter clearly harassed by his campaign manager, but North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s had a tough past few days, himself.


McCrory should have seen the backlash coming: He signed and is actively shilling for House Bill 2, a law that leaves his constituents unprotected and vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


More than eighty companies, including IBM, Apple, Microsoft, and Bank of America are calling for the repeal of the law. The NBA, which is slated to stage its 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte, has expressed concerns over the law, as has the NCAA.

Pat McCrory is on the wrong side of history and in over his head, with no idea how to remedy the situation. So far he’s decided to go with a “blame the media” strategy, and aggressively defended his sanctioning of discrimination against his state’s LGBT residents. Nice.


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Published: Mar 30, 2016

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