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News Thursday, May 19 2016

Make Donald Rich Again

May 19, 2016

On the trail, Donald Trump repeatedly decried companies that outsource jobs from the United States. Carrier, Nabisco, Ford, and Apple were always favorite targets of Trump on the stump; in private, they’re favorites in his financial portfolio. While threatening these companies with tariffs on the trail, Trump has been profiting from investments in each and every one. Trump’s Personal Financial Disclosure exposes his phony position on these companies. He’s getting richer while working families suffer. There’s only one word for Trump’s two-faced high-wire act: hypocrisy.


The Indianapolis Star: Donald Trump profited from investment in Carrier’s parent company

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Huffington Post: Donald Trump Profits In Private From The Companies He Trashes In Public

USA Today: Trump invests in the same companies he bashes

ABC News: What We Learned From Donald Trump’s Personal Financial Disclosure Form

Politico: How much is Donald Trump really worth?

The Hill: Where Trump invests his money

Associated Press: Trump says his business flourishing since presidential run

Published: May 19, 2016

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